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LANTRA Level 4 Award in Principles of Corporate Governance

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If you wish us to come to your offices and deliver a course just for your staff then we can do so. This option provides you with flexibility of delivery in terms of venue, dates, learning at your pace and value for money!


1. Group Training

Discounted rates available for group training. Ask for more details.

2. Individual Training

If you only have one member of staff don’t worry as these are our individual prices. Discounts available for more than one staff member

Premium Service

The premium service offers greater support than the fast-track service. It provides 24 training sessions as oppose to 8 with the fast-track. If you’re new to advice and guidance and wish to benefit from the maximum amount of support this may be the option for you. Our premium service offers flexibility and  support to meet your specific circumstances. We can tailor the number of training sessions to meet your level of experience and the time you’re able to dedicate to completing the course. This means you could fast-track your way to completion! If you have less experience and wish to benefit from the maximum amount of support then you can take longer to complete.

Cost £1,895 per person excluding registration

What Our Learners Say About Us

“The trainer was fantastic. She did a great job explaining things. I found myself leaving sections with a significantly better understanding of the material. By answering all questions I had thoroughly, I was able to better understand topics that had previously confused me. She constantly maintained an aura of authority on the subject, which made the learning experience all the more engaging and productive, because I felt that she had something valuable to offer and I could readily learn from her.”


Client Feedback

This is Mike Johnson one of our learners. See what he thinks of the course and what we’ve done for him and his organisation.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Our experience with over 20 years in the field
  • Bespoke service tailored to meet the learning needs of your staff & organisation
  • We realise you need a quick and effective return on your training investment & tailor accordingly
  • We are IAG specialists and professionals in the field. We are like minded practitioners familiar with current good practice and new innovations
  • We have a unique approach to the delivery of IAG with unusual learning materials which nobody else replicates. A real world view using our management training expertise
  • We can offer a variety of delivery options from face to face, telephone, Skype and e-learning
  • Training and assessments at a time and place to suit you – We’ll come to you so reducing your costs!
  • Support outside the qualification and not just a box ticking exercise
  • We offer the most competitive, flexible and comprehensive price plan around with a plan to fit your budget
  • The option to progress to level 6


Our Approach

mba3Our courses are designed so as to have relevance to your workplace with key lessons being drawn out by skilful review, reflection and facilitation. From this review comes participant driven self-learning. The underlying objective is for this learning to be taken back to the workplace for a real return on your investment.

We aim to place the learning in the context and day to day reality of each learner’s role. We focus on each individual’s learning needs which then dictate the direction of each individual programme.

Chance to Progress to Level 6

If your staff have  already completed Level 4 then we can also offer you the chance of progressing to a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance Development

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

If you’re looking to just do certain elements of the programme why not consider tour individual Motivational Interviewing training programme. learn about the techniques which can motivate clients to change their behaviours

Click here to find out more on motivational interviewing

What Our Clients Say

Ruth is one of our learners taking the advice and guidance qualification. See what she has to say about her experiences with Call of the Wild

How Do You Register

For more information and to register please contact our Business Manager who will help guide you through any questions you have or support with applying for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loans.

Contact: Phil Lloyd

Tel : 0208 150 9514