These are examples of the type of feedback and review we regularly receive from our learners.

Arthur Solse Sowah – Managing Director Future In Growth

Success with Advice and GuidanceAfter completing his Level 4 Advice and Guidance course Arthur set up his own  Charitable Organisation supporting those hardest to reach in the Community. His Charitable organisation is going from strength to strength and is now delivering support programmes for DWP.

“I have found this course simply amazing and an eye opener into the many aspects of everyday situations that surround us. The reason why I took on this course was to better  help the people around me, weather family, friends or the general public. I realised that taking on the course, would advance my understanding in situations that I myself have been in and to acknowledge current and future  steps needed in order to achieve my goals and duties.
The Course itself is laid out very meticulously, involving case studies and genuine examples of cognitive nature. The Course is designed to make you first look inside yourself and then to assess and identify the need of others around you. The Course Tutor that was assigned to me was great with her genuine  personality. She  is very professional and understanding. The art of listening and developing the candidate with proficient guidelines is excellent, also advocating without being overpowering is ideal in making you believe in your own capabilities and use of own initiative.

I have enjoyed this course and the knowledge that I have been empowered with. I now aim to complete my Level 6

I will put these new found skills into effective use weather in employment or for general circumstances.”

Amelia Robinson – Alafia

Level 4 in Advice and GuidnaceAmelia provides support, information, advice and advocacy to black and minority ethnic families caring for children and young adults with disabilities. Since starting her Level 4 Amelia has transformed the service provided to  the clients supported by Alafia and has specialised in developing media communication across a wide range of ethnic groups across the community.

“After being used to Higher Education I really struggled at first. However  my tutor then explained what the qualification was all about , highlighted how I perform in my role and  helped me focus on developing good practice and then I was off! I enjoyed my qualification so much it has given me the confidence to now move onto a second qualification. Thank you so much.”


Daphne Okon  – Citizen Advice and Support Specialist At Maidenhead Council

level 4 Advice and GuidanceDaphne has successfully completed her level 4 in Advice and Guidance.

“Simon promised to support me during and after my qualification and even a year later is still helping me with advice and career support. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.”

Jacqui Izzard –  Employment Specialist

Level 4 Advice and GuidanceJacqui completed her level 4 by supporting her clients using negotiation skills and ensuring they have the best access to resources, opportunities, support facilities and jobs based on their needs.

“Thank you Call of the Wild I enjoyed every minute.”

Rachel Smith – Careers Co-ordinator Northfleet School for Girls

Level 4 in Advice and Guidance Rachel has successfully completed her level 4 Advice and Guidance  and has used her new skills to integrate Careers Education Guidance into the curriculum using labour market intelligence to empower students to maximise their career choices. She has now moved onto the level 6 Careers Advice and Guidance.

Christine Green – Social Services Maidenhead Council

Success with Level 4 in Advice and GuidanceChristine completed her qualification whilst working for Victim Support and in a special educational needs school. Through completing her level 4 Advice and Guidance qualification and support from COTW she is now working as a support worker.


“I have really enjoyed this course. It was very informative. It really opened up various avenues that will assist me when dealing with all individuals fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, language etc. The class sections I had were well balanced so that it covered all the units I chose at the start. The materials provided for the course were also very well detailed so it mad my understanding easier. I will recommend this course to anyone who shows an interest or anyone I feel will benefit from the course.

Anne the trainer was fantastic. She did a great job explaining things. I found myself leaving sections with a significantly better understanding of the material. By answering all questions I had thoroughly, I was able to better understand topics that had previously confused me. She constantly maintained an aura of authority on the subject, which made the learning experience all the more engaging and productive, because I felt that she had something valuable to offer and I could readily learn from her. Any learner that is assigned to Anne is very lucky because she is an excellent trainer.”


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