Our Story

COTW Training story

Since 1998 COTW Training has helped a wide range of clients, from diverse industries, to develop their leaders and the teams they lead. The company has grown to a point where we are proud to call Vodafone, the BBC, Credit Suisse, Cable and Wireless and Panasonic our clients. They, like many others, have learnt that our expertise lies in the design and facilitation of bespoke courses with the emphasis placed on developing skills and behaviours that will have a direct impact on individuals and teams in the workplace.

The Directors

COTW Training, part of the Call of the Wild group of Companies,  was set up by three friends who have grown up together and share a passion for experiential learning and development. Mark, Geraint and Kevin are all local lads who have known each other since school. Having studied at University, they all returned to their home town to develop a business which encompassed their interests. They all have different but complementary skill sets and behaviours which mean they work extremely well as a team. Having the same background and knowing each other since childhood means they all have  the same core values which builds trust and respect within the management team. This trust and respect is also important when they expanded the management team with Dave Thomas becoming a Director of the Company.

COTW Training Today

Twenty one years after starting the company, COTW Training has grown into a business that employs over 25 people, owns its own training centre, runs its own programmes all over the UK and contributes greatly to the local economy. The community within which we work is very important to us.We pride ourselves on the fact that we use own staff (or close associates), provide the core activities ourselves. We believe that we can differentiate ourselves from the competition by keeping a close reign on the resources needed to run our programmes: the staff, knowledge and programmes themselves.