A Careers Strategy That Works for Everyone

Position Statement from the Career Management Quality Alliance published in August 2017

The Career Management Quality Alliance represents four key organisations that share a commitment to the provision of high quality career management support services for young people and adults in England. Those organisations are: Assessment Services Ltd;the CareerDevelopment Institute (CDI); Careers England; and
the Quality in Careers Consortium.

The statement sets out the key elements that Alliance propose should be included in a strategy to achieve the overall aims. The Alliance are ready to work with the Government to agree the final strategy and to support its effective implementation.

1.The strategy must set out a vision that support for career management should be available to everyone throughout life, and it should pay equal attention to services for young people and for adults.

2.The focus should be on both enabling individuals to develop the skills and qualities needed to plan and manage their own careers (commonly referred to as‘career management and employability skills’) and providing access to personal career guidance at times when it is needed.

3.Schools and colleges should be encouraged to adopt the eight Gatsby benchmarks of good careers practice and to appoint a careers leader with responsibility for the provision of careers support.

4.The statutory duty to provide careers education in the curriculum should be reinstated and raised to age 18.  It should be supported by a recommended national framework of career management and employability skills.


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