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Fully Funded Level 4 NVQ Diploma Courses in Careers Advice and Guidance

In offering our Level 4 Diploma Careers Advice and Guidance Courses we recognise that Careers services have a pivotal role to play in delivering Social and Community Strategies. Our qualification focusses on the benefits you the learner will obtain from our distinctive approach seeking to meet your specific needs. We seek to help you address and overcome potential barriers to learning and support you in making realistic and well informed career progression choices.

You may also be eligible for full funding to cover the cost of the course! Read on for more information

Who Are Our Careers Advice and Guidance Courses for?

If you’re an individual looking to book a course for yourself click on ‘Individuals‘ if you’re an organisation looking to book your staff onto a course then click on ‘Organisations‘ below. The costs are the same for the Advice and Guidance and Career Guidance Level 4.
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What’s It Going to Cost

If you’re an individual then prices start from £1,395 with flexible payment plans! You may also be eligible for full funding to cover the total cost of the course! Click the button‘Individuals‘ above for more information. If you’re an organisation prices start from £680 per person (Excluding enrolment fee). Click on the button ‘Organisations‘ above for more information


How Do You Complete the Course & What Are the Delivery Options

Advice and GuidanceWe pride ourselves on our service and creating fully bespoke programmes to meet your exact requirements. One to one tuition is the most favoured approach to produce the evidence requirements as we can tutor individuals around the unit requirements more and deliver across a time frame and location suitable to every individual and situation.This is what sets us apart from others!
One to one learning is carried out:

  • Via an E-learning platform and learning over Skype over a time frame and time of day to suit you.
  • One to one assessments in the workplace or a venue of your choice.
  • Blended learning which is a mixture of learning through the platform, Skype and one to one assessments

For more information click on the either the ‘organisations‘ or ‘individuals‘ button above, whichever is relevant to you.

What Professions Are These Courses Suitable For

Our information, advice and guidance training courses are designed to support all learners whether you are new to this area or a currently practicing. Our experienced staff have over 20 years experience in the Careers, Advice and Guidance sector. This Diploma covers skills that are transferable across a broad range of sectors such as:

  • Careers advisors
  • Schools services
  • Housing
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Services
  • Employment advisor
  • External agency and voluntary service signposting roles
  • Roles in other organisations that require, as part of a broader role, the provision of career advice, information, employability support and signposting.

The course is suitable for individuals whose role may involve disseminating information, providing advice and guidance and offering advocacy. In addition you may have managerial or training responsibilities. Your role may involve face-to-face contact with clients and/or contact by phone.

Our Unique Approach with Full Funding

NVQ in Advice and GuidanceOur advice and guidance courses utilise an experiential learning methodology. The “involve me and I will understand‘ principle is the one we follow. All our courses are designed to offer hands-on experience by doing and not just listening – less chalk and talk as with more traditional courses. We believe that this action based approach, through experiential learning programmes, is the most productive in terms of retention of learning and the beneficial transfer of that learning to your workplace.
Our courses are designed so as to have relevance to your workplace with key lessons being drawn out by skilful review, reflection and facilitation. From this review comes participant driven self-learning. The underlying objective is for this learning to be taken back to the workplace for a real return on your investment. We aim to place the learning in the context and day to day reality of each learner’s role. We focus on your individual learning needs which then dictate the direction of each individual programme. Our expertise lies in the design, development and evaluation of Advice and Guidance diplomas.

Course Delivery Options

We believe that learning should be individual to every person so we can offer a fully bespoke learning programme to suit you. Options can include the group and one to one learning approaches.

Group Learning

Group learning sessions in a classroom environment, these sessions tend to be every 3 weeks with half day learning and half day action planning to prepare for assignments and requirements for the Diploma. Group learning through Skype, this can be weekly, in the evening, day time or weekends for an hour with a monthly assignment set to meet the Diploma requirements.

One to One Learning

diploma in counsellingVia an E-learning platform and learning using Skype over a time frame and time of day to suit you.Monthly one to one assessments in the workplace for around 2hours. Blended learning which is a mixture of learning through the Platform, Skype and one to one assessments in the workplace. As we provide a one to one service we can get you accredited within 6 months to a year depending on your requirements. We are hugely proud of the service we offer and we are sure we have the right option for you.

Course Content

This Level 4 NVQ Diploma qualification in Careers, Advice and Guidance has a minimum credit value of 45.
The Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance Qualification Structure Information page will show how a learner has to achieve these credits through a combination of mandatory and optional credits. Our programme is designed to support your learning style whether you want one to one support, group learning activities or distance learning we can support you. The choice is yours.
As background the mandatory units cover the following topics:-

  • Preparing to work in the career information, advice and guidance sector
  • Reflecting on practice and continuous professional development
  • Career choice theories and concepts to support clients
  • Meeting the career-related information needs of clients


Fully Funded Course Qualification Fees

Our prices for  Level 4 diplomas start at £1000 depending on the level of support you require (N.B. This would be for groups of 15 or more & individuals using distance learning – Bespoke quotes on request).

If you do not want to pay for your programme we are authorised providers of the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans. This allows you to undertake accredited learning to support your aspirational career goals without having to pay in advance. Repayments don’t start until you earn more than £21,000 a year. The loan doesn’t depend on your income and there are no credit checks.

Please note these are only available until the end of July 2016.
The course can be paid in the following ways:

  1.  In full if you are over 24 or 7 Direct Payments of £182.00 a month.
  2. Via the 24+ Advanced Loans scheme where you only start paying for your programme when you earn over £21,777. Monthly Repayments do not start until 2016 or until salary exceeds above amount.
  3. Your employer can pay a percentage with you paying the rest yourself or through the 24+ Advanced Loan Scheme.

If you are aged between 19 and 23 you can receive 50% funding from the Skills funding Agency which we can claim on your behalf. The remaining 50% can be paid in six direct debit payments of £93 a month.

Careers Advice and Guidance Course Dates

We differ from many other providers in that we can offer one to one tuition at a time and place to suit you! If you have more than one prospective learner then we can also offer closed courses for individual employers and organisations if required across the UK.

Chance to Progress to Level 6

If you’ve already completed Level 4 then we can also offer you the chance of progressing to a Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance Development

What Our Clients Say

Ruth is one of our learners taking the advice and guidance qualification. See what she has to say about her experiences with us

How Do You Register

For more information and to register please contact our Business Manager who will help guide you through any questions you have or support with applying for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loans.
Contact: Simon Forzani
E-mail: info@cotw-training.co.uk
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